About John Oakes

Born and raised in Vermont, John Oakes knows and understands the roots of farming and agriculture and small business. As a youth, working on local farms since the age of 10, he has gained a true appreciation and respect for the farming community. John Oakes is a true Vermonter in every sense of the word.

Moving to Massachusetts upon graduating from Bryant University in 1977, John has spent the better part of his adult life applying his entrepreneurial ability in starting and growing small businesses. As hard as it has been to start and grow a business, John has never forgotten the importance of his local community. Serving in various town committees and local organizations, John believes that you have to be a working part of the community for its betterment.

Upon entering the insurance profession in 1995, John dedicated his professional life to becoming the insurance advocate for the local farmer and small business owner. John believes in the kitchen table approach when learning about who his client really is, and how he may be able to help them keep and grow their business. Building strong relationships is the foundation that a good business is built on. 
John Oakes
Prior to serving the insurance needs of the Connecticut River Valley, John had been building a thriving insurance practice in southern Worcester County as a Farm Family Casualty Insurance Agent.

Not being a believer of the “one size fits all” approach, John knows that you must take a proactive approach in meeting the ever-changing need of today’s farmer and small business owner. Having the ability to offer insurance choices to clients is what separates River Valley Insurance from its nearest competitor. There is no longer a reason to settle when it comes to protecting your business and personal belongings.
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